May 11, 2019

Most Accept American Diversity

Americans’ growing acceptance of diversity has largely escaped attention, writes Becoming American Initiative Director Linda Chavez.

This is very good news, though there was still some concern on the part of many Americans about whether our growing diversity makes it harder for policymakers to solve problems. Americans were pretty evenly divided on this issue, with a plurality (47%) saying it does and 45% thinking it doesn’t make much difference. But there was more divergence in opinion among different groups on this question than on many others in the survey, with a low of 30% of blacks who believed diversity made it harder and a high of 52% of whites who also thought so. Still, the responses to these questions makes it clear that, despite so much evidence of a racial divide in this nation, Americans are more alike in their attitudes on race and ethnicity than we might believe by watching cable news or looking at social media posts.

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