August 14, 2018

President Trump’s immigration hypocrisy

Linda Chavez, Director for the Becoming American Initiative, published this letter to the editor in the Jacksonville Daily News.

Last week, President Trump’s in-laws became U.S. citizens by taking advantage of the very family reunification immigration policy that Trump decries as “chain migration.”

Trump often rails against this longstanding bedrock of U.S. immigration policy that dates back to before the country’s founding. He says that his immigration plan would feature “limiting sponsorships to spouses and minor children.”

Perhaps his wife, Melania, is getting her parents citizenship before he can make his plan a reality. Either way, Trump’s hypocrisy here completely diminishes his credibility on this issue.

Rather than continuing to demonize and scapegoat immigrants, President Trump should point to his wife, as well as his former first wife, as prime examples of the country’s proud immigrant tradition.

Read the full letter at the Jacksonville Daily News.