January 29, 2020

“Birth Tourism” and the 14th Amendment

The Trump administration is looking for another angle to attack the 14th Amendment, writes Becoming American Initiative Director Linda Chavez in The Bulwark.

The State Department has issued new rules that will bar some pregnant women from entering the United States on temporary visas. You can view this development in one of two ways: Either it is a subtle attempt to throw meat to Trump’s nativist base during impeachment, or it is the first official step in an effort to roll back the birthright citizenship which is guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution.

The announcement, which received little attention from the mainstream press, is aimed at preventing what is sometimes referred to as “birth tourism,” a practice which both anti-population and anti-immigration groups claim involves wealthy women, primarily from places like China and India, flying to the United States in order to give birth to American citizen babies, who later will be used to sponsor their parents and other family members for U.S. visas.

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